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As a shopper on the Instacart platform, you will be matched with one or more stores in your area and then dispatched to complete orders for customers in your area. You’ll visit the store, pick out the items on the customer’s list, and then deliver them to them. Instacart Shopper is responsible for delivering groceries to customers’ homes and/or offices.

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Job description / Instacart 

The Instacart Shopper is responsible for fulfilling customer orders by picking out the specified items from the store shelves, bagging them, and then delivering them to the customer’s door.

Requirements & Qualifications / Instacart

How to become Instacart Shopper and what are your responsibilities?

  • You will be responsible for fulfilling orders from local stores and delivering groceries to customers’ homes.
  • This includes: picking up products from the store, packing them into a customer’s order, and delivering it to their door.
  • You will also be responsible for maintaining a consistently high level of quality service.
  • Ensuring that all deliveries are completed on time.
  • Excellent customer service skills are needed in order to ensure customer satisfaction and build trust with our shoppers.


  • Being over 18 years old and having a valid driver’s license.
  • Having access to reliable transportation, which can include a bicycle or car.
  • Having the ability to lift 40 pounds and climb stairs or ladders if necessary.
  • Being Eligible to work (holding a working visa) in the United States/Canada

Wages & Salary & Earnings / Instacart

The possible income of the Instacart shopper lean on so many things, but the most important ones are a compilation of the deliveries and the location of the deliveries. There are three different income items: full-service shopper pay, in-store shopper pay, and possibly referral bonuses. When you sum all these up, then you can calculate your total income on Instacart. Before starting working, you should check the full information from the Instacart Shopper help center from this link. 

Full-service pay + In-store pay ( + Referral bonuses)

Working Hours / Instacart Shopper

Instacart shopper position requires a flexible schedule with varying hours of availability. You can find shopping opportunities and pick orders starting in the early morning and continuing to till dusk. Be aware of your local store’s opening and closing hours. Also, during the rush hours, you can definitely, make more than you expected.

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January 1, 2022