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  • Fresno, CA
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Toluna Influencers share their thoughts about the products and services of brands via surveys and polls.


Do you wanna become an influencer? Toluna Influencers is just the place you’ve been looking for. Don’t be afraid because if you don’t have experience! What you need is to be self-confident and spread your ideas through polls and surveys on the platform. If you be part of the Toluna Influencers community, you will be directly involved in helping many world-renowned companies improve their products and services.

Job description / Toluna Influencers / Fresno, CA

Always remember. Registering the Toluna influencer platform is 100% free. Once you register, you will start to see paid surveys in your panel. Paid surveys provide an opportunity for you to contribute to market research and earn money. Surveys vary in type and length and you will be asked to answer a number of questions, which will be related to the product, service, or promotion that you are being asked about.

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Responsibilities / Toluna Influencers / Fresno, CA

How to become a Toluna influencer in Fresno, CA and what are the responsibilities?

  • Answer questions in a variety of formats including text, audio, or video
  • Participate in surveys appropriate for your demographic profile (for example age, gender, location)
  • Remain motivated and engaged during the entire survey process.

Requirements / Toluna Influencers / Fresno, CA

  • Valid email address
  • Being 16 years old or older
  • Having Paypal account

To understand all requirements please read Toluna Influencers T&C from this link.

Wages & Salary / Toluna Influencers / Fresno, CA

First of all, you should know that becoming influencer and Toluna Influencers will not be able to provide you with income like a full-time job. There is a huge benefit in seeing this as a part-time gig. It’s entirely up to you to how much you earn but on average you can make between $1-$3 per hour. Secondly, You need to focus and answer the surveys and polls in the most accurate and fastest way. Think that the more engagement, the more income. You will be able to receive the points you have accumulated as a gift card or as cash via Paypal.

Working Hours / Toluna Influencer / Fresno, CA 

When you become an influencer on the Toluna Influencers platform, you are not obligated to work specific hours. That’s why it will be totally up to you how or when to work. Take this as a hint: big companies usually publish their surveys between 6 pm and 9 pm to get high engagement. Of course, this is just a guess! After you become a part of the community, do not forget to turn on e-mail notifications and opt-in to all marketing e-mails so that you can receive the notification when there is a new survey.

  • Estimated Income
    • ..-$20 per hour
  • Gender
    • Female
    • Male
  • Essentials
    • Valid address
    • Valid phone number
    • House
    • Flat
    • Workpermit in the U.S.
    • Clean criminal record
    • Smartphone
    • Bank account
  • Industry
    • Online Surveys
  • Experience
    • -
  • Qualification
    • -